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Simple, beautiful heart for any the beading but one could use knots or pastel tiny flower buttons for faster finish///hand embroidery

.embroidered roses

embroidered roses gb- I think they're applique, not embroidery; maybe even just silk flowers sewn on the pillow.

Скатерть "Габриэлла" Sofi de Marco 1829057 в интернет-магазине

Скатерть "Габриэлла" Sofi de Marco 1829057 в интернет-магазине

Brazilian Embroidery Design

Brazilian dimensional embroidery pattern stitched with EdMar rayon Brazilian Embroidery thread. This design was designed by Delma Moore of Blackberry Lane.

Free pattern @ luli: bird & twig with roses embroidery

Gorgeous fine hand embroidery, incorporating small buttons, depicting a bird - a swallow - and a strand of foliage.

Cross Stitch Embroidery, White Lace, Angles, Salons, Crosses, 50th, Motifs, Decoupage, Bellisima