Bazaar gossip 1886 By Charles Robertson,(British, 1844-1891) watercolor & bodycolor with gum , 101.5 x 71.3cm

art-and-things-of-beauty: “ Charles Robertson - Bazaar gossip, watercolor/bodycolor with gum, x cm.

Au puits de la sagesse ...

INDIA: holy man in meditative reading. against the beauty of Indian tapestry.

Tyndale, Walter (1855-1943) - An Artist in Egypt 1912, Water-melon seller.

An Artist in Egypt 1912 Water-melon seller Canvas Art - Walter Tyndale x

An Arab Schoolmaster.

An Arab Schoolmaster Ludwig Deutsch Touchstones Rochdale Arts and Heritage Centre Painting - oil on panel

Outside the Palace by Rudolph Ernst

View La halte au kiosque by Rudolf Ernst on artnet. Browse upcoming and past auction lots by Rudolf Ernst.

Osman Hamdi Bey (Turquia, 1842 — 1910)

Theologist by Osman Hamdi Bey born 1842 in Constantinople (Istanbul), Turkey died February 1910 in Constantinople (Istanbul), Turkey

A game of chess in Cairo street / Edwin Lord Weeks

A game of chess in Cairo street - Edwin Lord Weeks. Along with Frederic Arthur Bridgman Edwin Lord Weeks is one of the most celebrated American Orientalists. He was born and raised in Boston and in the early he travelled to Syria, Palestine and Egypt.

Elizbekia Street, Cairo by Prosper Georges Antoine Marilhat French, 1811-1847 Oil On Canvas

Egypt , Old Cairo Paintings: Prosper Georges Antoine Marilhat (French, - Elizbeka Street, Cairo | Charles Sprague Pearce - Pottery Seller in Old Cairo | [Sotheby’s, London - Oil on canvas, 41 x 32 cm]

Charles Sprague Pearce (Boston, 1851 - París, The pottery seller in Old City Cairo

Edwin Lord Week

Entering the Mosque - Edwin Lord Weeks Oil Paintings - Weeks Paintings, Oil Paintings for Sale.