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Planning a room transformation?
Planning a room transformation? It's all about the little details! Start with your colour, and the rest will magically fall into place.✨ Our huge selection of interior paint means you can achieve your dream shade and finish in every room.
a dining room with blue walls, white chairs and flowers in vases on the table
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Selvedge is a dependable blue, named after the highly prized denim woven on a shuttle loom to produce closed edges. It's particularly good in low-light spaces where it creates a familiar and friendly atmosphere, perfect for bedrooms.
a dining room table with plates and bowls on it, next to an empty chair
Homebase Matt Emulsion Paint Chinese Evergreen - 2.5L
Transform your space with Homebase Matt Emulsion Paint in the modern Chinese Evergreen shade! Smooth, sleek, and a breeze to apply - perfect for giving your bedrooms and living rooms a fresh, stylish look! 🌿💫
At Homebase we know colour is the easiest way to transform your home. Our range of Homebase paints have been created with quality and colour in mind, designed to inspire and help you achieve the perfect finish.
Introducing our range of new Homebase Paint colours! Find your perfect hue with 20 NEW shades to choose from. ✅ Top quality paint. On trend colours. On point prices. #AllYourHomeNeeds #HotFromHomebase #HomebasePaint
a white chair sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a blue wall
Homebase Silk Emulsion Paint Duck Egg - 2.5L
Homebase Silk Emulsion Paint is smooth and easy to apply. Ideal for use on interior wall and ceilings. Perfect for use in bedrooms and living rooms.