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Canned beef casserole
Easy-Use Home Canned Foods!
Use these easy ideas to turn home canned foods into healthy dinners, cheap camping meals, and simple desserts! We discuss the nutritional value of home canned foods compared to dehydrated foods, and even talk about a few of the drawbacks of canned food. We also share a sample recipe for enchilada casserole made with home canned components.
sourdough raspberry blueberry muffin with butter on a plate
Summer Sourdough Berry Muffins
Make these healthy raspberry and blueberry sourdough muffins from discard or active starter. These are long-ferment muffins for optimal nutritional content and flavor. We’ve included advice on how to create great texture in your sourdough baked goods. You can ferment overnight in the fridge, if you need. Celebrate summer with these patriotic muffins!
the cover of how to make butter with heavy cream and sea salt instructions for making homemade peanut butter
Easy Homemade Butter 2 Ways!
Here’s how to make easy homemade butter with raw milk cream or pasteurized heavy cream. Control the ingredients to make healthy butter from scratch. We also show you how to clean out buttermilk and use the leftovers in recipes. You can make butter with your stand mixer (like a Kitchenaid®) or with a simple canning jar and a lid.
the peach leaf switch is an easy way to use fresh peaches for detrition
The Best Switchel Recipe for Summer!
Make this switchel recipe instead of buying Gatorade®! It has no table sugar or dyes and is made with peach leaves, apple cider vinegar, ginger, and other probiotic and beneficial ingredients. It’s easy to blend and go. Non-alcoholic and family friendly!
sourdough marble rye bread in a white pot
Sourdough Marble Rye Recipe
Create a gorgeous homemade sourdough marble rye bread to take to your next family dinner or to simply use as fabulous sandwich bread. The best part about this marble rye bread is that it's made with sourdough starter to increase health and form that delicious sourdough crust. It's really a super easy bread recipe that creates a stunning finished loaf.
two loaves of round sourdough bread Dessert, Biscuits, Videos, Sourdough Starter, Sourdough Baking, Sourdough Recipes, Sourdough Bread Recipe, Homemade Sourdough Bread, Making Sourdough Bread
Easy Sourdough Bread Recipe
Make this soft and easy sourdough bread for dinner tonight or lunch tomorrow. The article contains an easy peasy recipe, great tutorials with photos, troubleshooting, and all you need to know to make sourdough bread with confidence.
sourdough brownie on a blue plate with a fork and dish of brownies Desserts, Brownies, Sweet, Foods, Snacks, Fudgy, Indulge, Quick, Delicious
Long Ferment Sourdough Brownie
Use active or discard sourdough for this brownie recipe. These homemade brownies are long fermented to increase the healthy nutrients and decrease the stomach upset that can come with indulging in sweets. This easy, own bowl recipe is great for beginner sourdough bakers.
sourdough banana bread in a loaf pan and cut in two on a metal table Bread Recipes, Healthy Recipes, Sourdough Banana Bread Recipe, Sourdough Bread, Sourdough
Easy Sourdough Banana Bread
Here’s an easy long ferment, healthy sourdough banana bread recipe from the homestead. Choose to make this chocolate chip or leave it plain for breakfast or a delicious snack.
sourdough bread loaf Yeast Bread, Lady, Brunch, Sourdough Starter Recipe, Yeast Bread Recipes
Start Baking Sourdough Bread!
Make an easy sourdough bread loaf with our sourdough bread beginner recipe for those who are just starting out on their sourdough adventures. You don't need special equipment or fancy ingredients. Make this sourdough bread with 4 ingredients and a minimal time investment. Sourdough bread doesn't have to be complicated!
sourdough discard sandwich bread loaf on a cutting board Sandwiches, Fresh, Sourdough Bread Sandwiches, Sourdough Sandwich, Bread Dough
Soft Sourdough Discard Sandwich Bread
Easy sourdough discard sandwich bread is made with your favorite flour, water, sea salt, & unfed starter. Soft & delicious homestead bread without a lot of fuss, multiple folding and stretching times, or kitchen scales! The recipe is for one loaf at a time to keep your sandwich bread fresh, but it can easily be doubled if you have more mouths to feed on the homestead.
a loaf of sourdough bread sitting on top of a green and white towel
Learn Easy Sourdough - Natural Leaven
Make healthy bread that’s easier to digest with naturally leavened sourdough starter and all our tips, troubleshooting, recommendations, and a great starter recipe for sourdough newbies! We share our favorite real sourdough cookbooks and the reasons why you might want to get started with sourdough this year. Just enough information to get started but not to overwhelm you.
the recipe for sourdough pita bread on a cutting board
Sourdough Pita Bread Recipe
Learn to make easy sourdough pitas every week for unique sandwiches, breakfast bars, and even healthy sweet treats. With this homemade sourdough pita bread recipe, you can even make rustic pita chips! Learning to use sourdough starter doesn’t have to be hard – it can be tasty!
a bowl of beef and bacon chowder with text overlay that reads, beef and bacon chowder
Hearty Beef and Bacon Chowder
This thick and heary beef and bacon chowder is rich and flavorful. Full of ground beef, potatoes, and bacon, it's perfect for a chilly night. Grab the recipe at
grilled chicken with asparagus, lemon and mayonnaise on a white plate
Easy Grilled Cod
Have you ever had delicious grilled fish? Now is the time to try! This delicious grilled cod is slathered in a savory butter sauce and then perfectly grilled for a light smoky flavor. It is super fast to toss together and my fish grilling tips will have you serving up perfect fish fillets in no time!
two pictures with different types of food in them and the words pantry sample potato soup
Loaded Baked Potato Soup - Mirlandra's Kitchen
This Loaded Baked Potato Soup is creamy and easy to make on a weeknight in 30 minutes. Everybody loves this hearty winter dish full of bacon. My kids always ask for more baked potato soup! Put it in a thermos for your next skiing trip or winter adventure. #soup #potato #fallfood #comfortfood