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a diagram showing the parts of a boat that is made out of wood and wire
Connaissez-vous tous les termes des bateaux du patrimoine maritime ?
two men working on some wooden boats in a garage with another man standing next to the boat
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an old black and white photo of three people standing on the edge of a pier
Anciennes photos d'Etel
Anciennes photos d'Etel
two sailboats in the water with people on them and cloudy skies above, behind them
Thonier Biche – C'est En France
a sailboat sailing on the open ocean
Thonier BICHE - Photos | Facebook
several small boats in the water with people on them and one boat is sailing away
Dundée "Biche" - Les photos de la semaine du Golfe par Auteurs de ...
a book with an image of a sailboat in the middle of the ocean and people on it
Biche, dernier thonier-dundée de Groix
there is a boat being built on the ground
Belles perspectives pour les chantiers du Guip - NauticNews
a sailboat is docked in the water
Plobannalec-Lesconil - Thonier dundee. Le Biche en escale pour ...
a sailboat sailing in the ocean with red sails and brown sails on it's side
Voiliers à 2 mâts (voiles auriques ou carrées): FLEUR DE LAMPAUL
a white sailboat with brown sails on the water
Le thonier Biche | Douarnenez, Maritime, Bateaux
a white boat floating on top of a body of water next to a pier with people standing on it
Thonier BICHE - Home | Facebook
a sailboat with red sails sailing in the ocean near rocky cliffs and blue water
Biche | Ile de groix, Vieux gréement, France
a weathervane with a sailboat on it's side and the word sons written in english
Thonier Biche -