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Turkey  ·  Computer programmer, blogger, entrepreneur and overall thinker. Founder and editor of Coders Mount.
Husamaldin Tayeh
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jQuery UI Autocomplete in CodeIgniter with Database

In this tutorial I will show you how to connect jQuery UI Autocomplete plugin to remote datasource (eg. database table) with CodeIgniter.

Detecting for CSS3 support using Modernizr

One of the things you have to deal with when using any emerging technology such as is the lack of support in older browsers. There are many strategies, workarounds and hacks you can use to either force support or…

Global variables in JavaScript

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Custom radio buttons

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CSS Box Shadow

Well, today I am going to talk about box-shadow, a really interesting feature which has made the life of web designers a whole lot…

Ajax file upload made easy

I am sure that many of you have searched for Ajax file upload for long time and all you could find was some plugins that is difficult to customize and sometimes even understand.

Create a simple jQuery Lightbox

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a nice page overlay effect to easily display extra info for the user without redirecting the user to a new page.