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Diagram of the SR-71's Pratt & Whitney J58 turboramjet engines as airspeed increases

Diagram showing the airflow patterns in the Pratt & Whitney engine of the Blackbird as the speed increases from zero to Mach This image is based on Figure from the Flight Manual.

Jet Engines Documentary

A video show the explanation of how the airplace engine works. Must see for first timers.

Tiny winglet retrofit will cut United's fuel bills by millions | The Verge

Lift distribution w/o winglets, w. blended winglets + w. the new Boeing AT split wingtips. Reduces fuel burn by w. more equal spanwise loading.

war is only for stupids, but...

Aerobatic Maneuvers : The Russian Air Force has developed tactics for using Flankers to fight stealth fighters that concentrate on taking advantage of the plane’s remarkable maneuverability to survive the first missile attack.

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