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DIY Kids Boho's & Indians Boredom Buster that also helps kids be in nature! Painted Sticks Craft - DIY Inspiration - Nature Crafts for Kids

Shirley Vauvelle Mixed Media Artist Site

Awesome mixed media ideas from this artist. Shirley Vauvelle mixed media ,ceramic fish art with sea beach theme

Looks awesome... How to turn an old piece of wood into faux driftwood · Recycled Crafts | CraftGossip.com

How to turn an old piece of wood into faux driftwood


This would be a fun collaborative project - could substitute cardboard or driftwood - Art History tie in Louis Nevelson?

How to clean and evict pests (oven method) from driftwood

How sterilize Driftwood - soak the driftwood in a bathtub full of water for a couple hours. Put the driftwood in the oven, between and with the oven door either slightly open or closed until it has baked dry, hrs depending on how thick the piece is.

Debra Bernier

Christine Split~carved driftwood (etsy~sold) I have a piece of "found wood" that…

Tony Britnell - The fish and the bird - panel

The fish and the bird - panel - Tony Britnell