Kumihimo with beads à tenter ?...

I love this idea for encasing beads into the weave. I made my own loom a couple of years ago. I think I will get that thing out and make some more stuff! Macrame and knots beads

Буфы .вафли шторы

Буфы .вафли шторы

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Tatted Snowflake


A head scarf edged with ‘iğne oyası’ (Turkish needle lace).

Necklace, sets of - lace "frivolite":: A lace "frivolite" of Elena Ignatova, master of folk creation, Ukraine, Kharkov :: Jewellery knot shuttle lace of frivolite (schiffchenspiize), ear-rings, bangles, necklace, natural stone and skin with a lace, style "The Gothic Black-art"

Necklace, sets of - lace "frivolite":: A lace "frivolite" of Elena Ignatova…


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