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Don't feel like going overborad with pastels, even a tiny accent is enough to fill the space with pastel charm.

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Baby Knitted Vest (flat): From back to front, practically 1 piece. Fronts can be knitted simultaneously if you attach a yarn ball at the shoulder on the ret

https://flic.kr/p/9do2Gt | sophie's pillow | Finished in time for her birthday! Some machine quilting, some hand quilting. Measures 18" x 18."

Michelle Mercer: put a bird on it [Michelle does does some cute quilting with multiple rows on this %pillow, cute]

DIY Blanket Patchwork Technique Internet Tutorial | UsefulDIY.com

DIY Blanket Patchwork Technique Internet Tutorial - this would be so cool to recycle all those flannel receiving blankets I made for my girls.

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şal-yaka-yelek-yapımı.jpg (720×960)