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a drop in the ocean. a change in the weather. i was praying that you and me might end up together. it's like wishing for rain as i stand in the desert. but i'm holding you closer than most. 'cause you are my heaven. Ron pope drop in the ocean

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@NAbookaesthetic Feb 12 Ryke Meadows // Addicted Series

@NAbookaesthetic Feb 12 Ryke Meadows // Addicted Series


he's been pissed off, sad, reserved, but this is all of those things at once, like there's chaos inside him that he's trying to contain but is barely managing it.

Well we all know this would be jasper when feeling very cranky (or clarke, probably)

I remember driving past the fire house with Vicky and Amy and Vicky always saying "Salute" and we all threw up the middle finger. lol I love the simplicity of a middle finger, it is so simple but says soooo much!