Сумки+выкройка...♥ Deniz ♥


♥ imagine this with embroidery on it. What a lovely purse it would be.

Bolsa mandala


Bags do not happen much. Patterns templates of bags - Club of needlework - the Country of Mothers

INORAMA illustrators

Inorama is an art studio based in Russia. Its founders are RAMM and Inna Kuzubova. Inna is an illustrator with more than a decade of…

♥ ♥ мадемуазель Роза

This bowl is too cute. Reminds me of the fruit bowl that was always on my grandmothers table! Dreaming of Cherry the one piece that brings everything else together, the crowning cherry that turns good into perfect.

Gemelle, oil on linen | Lucian Ventrone

Luciano Ventrone (Italian, b. - "Twins" - Oil on linen