Study of the moon and stars.  Ottoman miniature from 17th century.   Istanbul.

Emily would love this piece because it is the study of the moon and stars with Ottoman people miniature picture from century. This a type of Istanbul portrait.

Ottoman warrior

(Egypt) Officer of Mameluks. Feared by all of Napoleon's foes.

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illustration of christa hook showing a ottoman army officer with a Abus gun, a bazooka created by the Ottoman empire and two palace guards in the late century AD.

Portrait of Sultan Murad III

A portrait of Sultan Murad III attributed to a Spanish artistMurad III (Ottoman Turkish: مراد ثالث Murād-i sālis, Turkish:III.Murat) July 1546 – January was the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1574 until his death.

Fall of Constantinople, 1453

‘Constantinople by Jose Daniel Cabrera Peña: depicts the Fall of Constantinople from the Ottoman side. [[MORE]] Jose Daniel Cabrera Peña’s 'Constantinople of the Fall of Constantinople

Ottoman Princesses Learning to Read the Holy Qur'an (1905 CE Ottoman Empire)

Ottoman Princesses Learning to Read the Holy Quran CE Ottoman Empire)

Göktürk - türk rovásírás #turk #turan #script

The old Turkish history: "Bilge Tonyukuk" inscription written in "Gokturk-Orkhon" runic alphabet. Word of ''Turk'' writed on it first time.

On May 29, 1453 the Ottoman Turkish army, under the leadership of Mehmed II (Mahomet II) broke Constantinople’s defensive walls, captured Constantinople and killed the Byzantine Emperor Constantine XI Palaiologos. With the death of Constantine XI, the Byzantine Empire came to an end, as did the older Roman Empire. The image is of Sultan Mehmed II by Gentile Bellini 1480, which is held at the National Gallery, London.

Sultan Mehmet II by Venetian artist Gentile Bellini, oil on canvas, cm in).

Seljuk Turks, 13th century. By Angus McBride

The Saljuqs of Rum C): Anatolian infantryman Horse-archer Ghulam heavy cavalryman