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بارتولينى Street Traders in Cairo By Filippo Bartolini - Italian, 1861 - 1908 Watercolor Empire Ottoman, Middle Eastern Art, Arabian Art, Islamic Paintings, Old Egypt, Pics Art, Realistic Paintings, Arabian Nights, Egyptian Art

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Oriental Backyard with Moors in Conversation - Sevilla, José Montenegro Capell Islamic Architecture, Art And Architecture, Motifs Islamiques, Portrait Photos, Middle Eastern Art, Arabian Art, Foto Poster, Islamic Paintings, Pics Art


Oriental Backyard with Moors in conversation - Sevilla, José Montenegro Capell

The Philosopher by Ludwig Deutsch (Vienna, 1855 - Paris, Austrian born Orientalist painter who settled in Paris. Empire Ottoman, Middle Eastern Art, Arabian Art, Islamic Paintings, Academic Art, Pics Art, Ludwig, Arabian Nights, Art Plastique

The Philosopher , 1905 By Ludwig Deutsch - Austrian , 1855 - 1935 Oil on panel

File:Frankfurt Am Main-Anton Burger-Judengasse in Frankfurt am - Wikimedia Commons Classic Paintings, Great Paintings, Old Paintings, Fantasy Landscape, Fantasy Art, City Painting, Fantasy Places, Fantasy Setting, Frankfurt

Российский Сервис Онлайн-Дневников

part 3 part 4 William Raymond Dommersen (Dutch, 1850-1927) Rouen street scene И.С.Бах *Адажио* Robert Aßmus (1837-1904) Ansicht Straßburgs mit dem Münster ...

Le petit talibé in Cairo by Paul Alexandre Leroy (French, oil on canvas x 60 cm Art And Illustration, Art Arabe, Middle Eastern Art, Arabian Art, Islamic Paintings, Art Antique, Gouache Painting, Egyptian Art, Ancient Art

Le petit talibé By Paul Alexandre Leroy - #French, 1860-1942 Oil on canvas , 72.5 X 60 cm Egypt - Old Cairo Paintings

Snake Tamer, The most expensive painting sold to a Serbian artist "tamer of snakes" from Paja Jovanovic, which was sold for euros. Realistic Paintings, Old Paintings, Carl Spitzweg, Jean Leon, Empire Ottoman, Arabian Art, Foto Transfer, Islamic Paintings, Old Egypt

Paja Jovanović ( Vršac 1859 – Vienna 1957)

by Petar Meseldžija Paja Jovanović is one of the greatest Serbian painters. Uroš Predić, another great painter, is perhaps the only artist from the Serbian art Pantheon, who can match, to a certain degree, Paja Jovanović in terms of the technical excellence and the impact of his paintings on the Serbian people and their culture. (I will write about Uroš Predić in the near future). Paja Jovanović was a greatly talented, virtuous painter, nationally and internationally very successful, rich…

Edwin Lord Weeks (US Soldier of the Rajah at the Sword Sharpener in Ahmedabad, India Islamic Paintings, Indian Paintings, Painting Gallery, Art Gallery, Composition Painting, Ariana Grande Drawings, Medieval Life, India Art, Historical Art

Edwin Lord Weeks, US, 1849-1903, The Soldier of the Rajah Coming to the Sword Sharpener of Ahmedabad,

Sir John Lavery (Irish, Dar el Cadi, Interior of a Mosque. Portrait Photos, Irish Painters, Glasgow Museum, Oriental, Misty Day, Paisley Art, Arabian Art, National Portrait Gallery, Historical Art

Dar el Cadi, Interior of a Mosque by John Lavery

Dar el Cadi, Interior of a Mosque by John Lavery