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Brain Autophagy: Healing the Toxic Brain -
This Nifty Infographic Is a Great Introduction to Neuroplasticity and Cognitive Therapy


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Basic Chemistry: Atoms and Ions

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Biblical Reminders from the Hibiscus Plant | Kids Answers


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Types of viruses vector illustration labeled drawings. Helical, polyhedral, spherical and complex structure models. Biology science research for epidemic and stock illustration
Visualized: The Many Shapes of Bacteria

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Passive and Active Cell Transport Word Wall Cards by Science Spot | Teachers Pay Teachers


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Evolution and Classification of Life Poster - Etsy

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Chem review - Reactivity Series


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Chemical reactions :D

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Help your students learn about the amazing periodic table of elements and how it's structured. This detailed print, not only states each elements atomic number, symbol, name and mass, but it also explains how read the periodic table. It expounds on the groups, periods, shells, metals, metalloids, non-metals, electronegativity and atomic radius in a visual way to help the reader understand. In addition to the table, there is a section explaining atomic orbitals and brief explanation of the quantum mechanics behind electron configurations. This print would make a great addition to any classroom, lab, homeschool or office. All artwork is original.© 2021 Smarty Prints. All rights reserved.
Ms J's Chemistry Class: Atom Models and Periodic Trands

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