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worksheet for the sports word study with pictures and words to help students practice their spelling skills
2.MD.10 Tally, Bar, Picture Graph
I created this for my own 2nd grade class. It covers all MD 10 standards. Tally Charts, Bar Graphs, and Picture Graphs. It has 10 printable Tally Mark pages, 10 printable Bar Graph, 12 printable Picture Graph. I will gladly and quickly fix a mistake if you find one. I hope it helps. I also have packets that cover all 2nd grade NBT, OA, MD, and G. Give my shop a chance.
a bar graph model made out of construction paper
Bar Graph 3D Model | Bar Graph 3D | Bar chart | Bar Graph model | Math Working Model l maths models
a bar graph is displayed on top of a red card holder with colored pencils in it
bar graph model 3d for science exhibition - diy using cardboard | craftpiller | still model
the bar graph model is made out of construction materials
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