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four ice cubes sitting on top of a wooden table next to an iced drink
Stainless Steel Ice Cubes @ SharperImage.com
Stainless Steel Ice Cubes Chill out your drinks without watering them down
Helpful tip for when you end up having kids who have been known to have accidents like these. Cleaning Tips, Useful Life Hacks, Organisation, Life Hacks, Cleaning, Cleaning Hacks, Cleaning Household, Diy Cleaning Products, Clean House
Helpful tip for when you end up having kids who have been known to have accidents like these.
two different pictures of ice cubes with fruit in the background and words describing them
Make Crystal Clear Ice!
Use boiling water instead of tap water to make clear ice.
a red poster with the words clothes shrink too small soak them in hot water and hair conditioner for five minutes to unshirk them
100+ Life Hacks That Will Instantly Improve Your Life For The Better
This works great with jeans that have become too snug.
four pictures showing how to make an ice cream sandwich with cookies and graham crackers
Making the perfect ice cream sandwich:
35 Clever Food Hacks That Will Change Your Life
a building made out of legos on the side of it
Oh snap
four different types of sandwiches on trays and in pans, with chocolate spread over them
Strawberry Nutella Stacked French Toast
Strawberry Nutella Stacked French Toast
a door handle with a green bow on it's side next to a white door
Mini Wreaths
thank you pinterest! ... upside down command hook. How to hang a Wreath on a cabinet or outside storm door
two pictures with people in the water and one has a boat on it
The HotTug. A Motorized Floating Wood-Fired Hot Tub!
The HotTug is a motorized hot tub boat available to own or rent.
the bathroom sink is filled with bottles and soap
Mouthwash looks a little more chic in an apothecary jar...or in any other jar!!
an image of cinnamon in the sandbox and it keeps the bugs away on instagram
How My Collection of Paleo Cookbooks Help Me Stay Healthy
Cinnamon in the Sandbox - It keeps the bugs away. I knew cinnamon repelled ants... but I never thought of this! So smart!
an instagram page with lemons in the muffin tin
Freeze Lemon Slices in Ice to Upgrade Your Water
Large Ice cubes for pitchers. Must remember this.
someone is using an iphone to take a picture of their baby's diaper
Mobisante’s Ultrasound Device Works With A Smartphone... This is awesome