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A collection of fun and easy Do-it-yourself sewing projects and craft ideas to inspire you.
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four different pictures with the words free paper craft templates on them, including flowers and hot air balloons
Free paper craft templates and tutorials
Whether you're crafting paper flowers for a special event, folding mesmerizing origami, or assembling a scrapbook to treasure your memories, our paper craft projects have something for everyone. From simple to advanced techniques, we've got you covered. Paper crafting is budget-friendly and incredibly enjoyable – all you need are some paper, scissors, glue, and a sprinkle of imagination!
the instructions for making jewelry are shown in this article, with pictures of different items
Free jewelry making tutorials
If you're crazy about jewelry, you're in luck! These jewelry making tutorials are free and super simple to follow, so even if you're just starting out, you'll be making magic in no time. From sweet beaded bracelets to intricate wire-wrapped pendants, we've got every style covered!
the best sewing machines for beginners in 2020 are easy to learn and use with these top tips
Top 3 beginner sergers of 2024
If you’re looking for the best sergers for beginners, this list will help you decide. Discover the most dependable, beginner-friendly overlock machines that are easy to learn and use – you’ll find below my top 3 picks. #sewing #sewingprojects #beginnersewing
Easy DIY knot bow hairband to make in under 15 minutes, even if you are a beginner! This free pattern and step-by-step tutorial include 3 different knot bow styles. #sewing #freepattern Hair Ties, Sewing Techniques, Quilting, Elastic Hair Ties, Bow Hairband, Sewing Hacks, Sewing Projects For Beginners, Nylon Headbands
How to make adorable knot bow hair ties
Easy DIY knot bow hairband to make in under 15 minutes, even if you are a beginner! This free pattern and step-by-step tutorial include 3 different knot bow styles. #sewing #freepattern
a sewing machine with the words 50 + easy sewing projects for beginners on it
50+ easy sewing projects for beginners
Searching for beginner-friendly sewing projects? Check out this list of 50+ fun and speedy items suitable for sewing novices. Unbox that sewing machine and get started! The key to learning sewing is gradual skill development until you feel confident enough to tackle more intricate projects.
the free crochet pattern for beginners with text overlay that reads, free crochet patterns for beginners
Free Crochet Patterns
These free crochet patterns for beginners are perfect if you’re just starting out with crochet. They’re fun and easy projects that will help you learn how to crochet in no time!
a maze with an image of a dog and a house on it, the text is free
Free maze generator for kids - free printables
paper flowers with the title how to make beautiful paper flowers free templates and videos
How to make beautiful paper flowers - free templates and tutorials
Learn the art of crafting beautiful paper flowers with these free templates and step-by-step tutorials! Discover the secrets to creating exquisite and lifelike paper blooms for any occasion. From simple roses to intricate peonies, these DIY projects are for you. Elevate your paper craft game and brighten up your space with these beautiful handmade flowers!
yarn, scissors and knitting needles with the words how to get free backlinks for your craft blog
How to get free backlinks for your craft blog
Looking for free backlinks for your crafting blog? If you run a crochet, sewing, knitting, embroidery, jewelry making, or paper crafting blog, consider submitting your projects to Crafts on Display. It's your one-stop destination for craft ideas and inspiration. Share your crafting expertise with the world, boost your blog's traffic, and enhance your domain authority. Seize this chance to inspire others with your creative talents!
three crocheted pumpkins with buttons on them and the text, quick & easy free knitting pumpkin patterns
Quick and easy FREE knitting pumpkin patterns
Explore our collection of Quick and Easy Free Knitting Pumpkin Patterns! Get ready to knit your way into the fall season with these adorable pumpkin-themed projects. From beginners to experienced knitters, these patterns are perfect for everyone. Create cozy decorations, gifts, and more with these step-by-step knitting tutorials.
how to make satin scrunchies for hair
How to make satin scrunchies tutorial
Scrunchies are a perfect beginner sewing project, a great way to use scraps, and a delightful DIY gift for friends. Learn to make your own satin scrunchies in five super simple steps. It takes about 5 minutes to make a scrunchie, from start to finish, and the result is adorable.
a skirt with measuring tape next to it and the words girls'skirt length measurements
Girls skirt length measurements – a practical chart
Looking for the perfect fit for your little girl’s skirt? This practical chart provides a comprehensive guide to skirt length measurements for girls of different ages, including waist size and lengths for above the knee, knee-level, and maxi skirts.
crochet project with text overlay that says find your next crochet project
Find your next crochet project
coloring pages for kids with pictures of cats and caterpillars on the page
Free coloring pages for kids
needlework infographic Needlework Crafts, Needle Arts, Fabric Manipulation, New Hobbies, Needle And Thread, Color Patterns, Needlework, Diy Projects
Needlework crafts. 15+ creative ways to use needles
This needlework crafts round-up post started out from a personal curiosity. How many needlework skills are out there? What techniques should you know about? Here’s a list of 15+ needlecraft ideas. I created this post featuring needlework crafts because I enjoy discovering new hobbies online. In fact, I’m seeing so many amazing DIY projects on social media lately, I’m in awe. There are endless possibilities for creativity in the needle arts!