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Don't let Roxy and Sollux code for you. This will happen.

Hahahaha I always forget that Roxy is a badass hacker like Sollux <== Duuude, now I think Roxy and Sollux would be awesome moirails.>>>are my shipping senses tingling? Sollux♦Roxy ((the look on Dirk's face always gets me))

Ship strikes again

Karkat/Dave- DaveKat - OTP<--- When the DaveKat feels are reals

All of the Beta Trolls combined into one being....// got to admit, the symbol looks pretty cool.

Every Homestuck troll, sign, and name combined<< i'm gonna yell this is just.

Hahahhahahahahahahah. Amazing.

Homestuck this is the best thing I have ever read<<<Mr. Angsty Stripes oh my COD <== the stoned dork and the soccer mom oh my gog i need heir :P XD