1860s dresses

Step back in time with our collection of elegant 1860s dresses. Discover top ideas to create a vintage inspired look that will turn heads at your next event.
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Rate the Dress: Wallflower or wower of 1840 - The Dreamstress

So, last week I made a silly mistake and published two Rate the Dresses. I noticed it a few hours later and withdrew the one I hadn’t meant to publish. So most of you only saw the 1780s pastel polonaised froof that I left up (and most of didn’t particularly care for it and rated it a not-very inspiring 5.2 out of 10). But some of you did get a sneak-peek at this week’s Rate the Dress, so have had all week to think about whether you like it or not.. 1840s dresses can be a bit, well, plain and…

Becky Clementson