3 months old activities

Engage and stimulate your 3-month-old baby with these fun and educational activities. Help them develop their senses and motor skills while creating precious bonding moments.
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Print these 6 high contrast animal images for loads of play and learning with your baby! These FREE printable cards are perfect for 3 month old babies to help them develop their sight, strengthen their muscles, and grow and learn! Montessori, Infant Activities, Baby Flash Cards, Baby Learning, Baby Development Activities, Baby Development, Newborn Activities, Baby Sensory, Baby Illustration

When my little ones were 3-month-old babies, I could not have written this post. I could not have formulated coherent sentences to write about learning activities for 3-month-old babies. And if I had found the time—and words—to write it (miraculously), I would have certainly opted to sleep. But now with my youngest growing up way

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Your 3 months old baby is working hard on strengthening her muscles. Eventually, she will start rolling over. She is past her visual mobiles. Now she wants to touch and grasp. We will support her need and offer her various grasping toys. You can place them on her Montessori shelf for her to see.

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