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Transform your bedroom into a captivating 90s aesthetic grunge haven. Explore top ideas to create a nostalgic and edgy vibe for your personal space.
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Ben and Chris watched on in horror--- They could do nothing to stop what was happening to their best mate before their eyes. The crowd surrounding Dan was thick with screaming, adoring, frenzied, grateful fans. They could do nothing as they saw her fangs glimmer beneath the neon lights of the marquee. Tears swelled up in their eyes, tears of terror. Daniel thought he was finally done signing autographs and smiling for pictures and hugging quivering fans . . . but there was one more and she…

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Flynn Gallagher is the twin sister of Carl Gallagher and the youngest girl in the Gallagher family. Flynn was always really close to you older brothers ( Lip, Ian, and Carl). But still close to Fiona. She loves to skate and hangout with you Childhood best friend Hunter. (This does not go with the storyline it is like completely different.)

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Nostalgic bedroom is an homage to my childhood and to the nostalgia common among those who grew up in the 80's and 90's. For this project I wanted to recreate a scene with various references from both decades. The iconic NES and the still amazing Super Mario Bros game, the ATARI 2600, Slimer from Ghostbusters, Gremlins, the Disney books collection and posters from movies and games are some of the elements included in this work. My idea was also to provide the viewer a journey into the past…

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