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Some people just looove talking. Like your auntie Betsie who just created a FB account and floods it with posts on chemtrails, or that entitled anti-masker who believes wearing a face covering impinges on their rights. Or many other loud ones on social media who can’t miss a chance to spread some misinformation on drinking bleach to prevent COVID-19.

Madi 🤍👾
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People ask me all the time how homeschool is going. "FABULOUS!" I always say. Honestly, there are ups and downs to every day. Some days, my children wake up bright eyed and busy tailed, ready to learn. Some days, it is a battlefield with teeth gnashing and hair pulling. Let's get real, this is real life, and real life has it's ups and downs. Just because we are a happy, homesteading, homeschooling, gardening, prepping, working, playing, and all in all fabulous family does not mean my family…

Allyssa Wynia