Add a room

Transform your space and add a room to your home with these creative ideas. Find inspiration and practical tips to maximize your living area and create the perfect additional room for your needs.
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Remember when raising a family meant moving to the ‘burbs and buying a spacious house with a white picket fence? Well, that idyllic image has changed quite a bit over the years, and nowadays many are choosing to keep their urban lifestyles well after adding more members to their clans. Yes, fitting additional people into […]

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How To Divide A Room Into Two Without A Wall (Cheap DIY Room Divider Ideas) | Cheap Room Dividers, Curtain Room Divider Diy, Shared Room Divider Ideas, Small Room Divider, How To Divide A Room, Room Divider Ideas Diy Cheap, Diy Room Divider, Room Divider Curtain, Bedroom Divider

Looking for cheap room divider ideas for your house or apartment? I’ve listed the best tips on how to divide a room without building a wall. Here’s how to split a space in two on a budget without a permanent wall! Whether you need to divide small spaces or one large room, I’ve included the best affordable room dividers to section a room off into two spaces. I’ve included diy ideas for dividing a kids shared bedrooms (such as with curtains + furniture). | #home #roomhacks…

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