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Immerse yourself in the rich and diverse artistry of African artists. Explore their unique perspectives, vibrant colors, and captivating storytelling. Support and appreciate the talent of African artists today.
In recent decades, the appreciation of the work of African artists has greatly increased amongst the artistic community in the West. This long-deserved appreciation has seen more and more international galleries open their doors to African exhibitions worldwide. Discover 10 African artists, both famous and emerging, who have taken the African contemporary art scene by storm. - African Art, Contemporary Art, Art Facts, History of Art African American Folk Art, West African Design, Art By Black Artists, East African Art, African Art Inspiration, Africa Art Design Culture, African Art Paintings Culture, African Artists Paintings, Black Artwork Inspiration

10 African Artists You Should Absolutely Know / ARTSPER

Depuis plusieurs années, l'Afrique s'ouvre à l'international et sa création s'implante progressivement sur le marché de l'art. Artsper a sélectionné pour vous 10 artistes africains à connaître :

sara armstrong
Kehinde Wiley, Afrikaanse Kunst, Contemporary African Art, Afrocentric Art, African American Artist, Black Art Painting, Black Artwork, My Gallery, Afro Art

10 Brilliant Black Artists

This week I took some time to work on making sure the art I'm seeing in my instagram feed is from a diverse group of artists (I followed some hashtags like #blackartists and #blackgirlartshow to make sure I continue to see new-to-me artists on my feed, and did some intentional searching around to find artists to follow). In the process I found some new favorites! Here are ten of my favorite Black artists, some old favorites and some that were new to me.* Pamela Phatsimo SunstrumInstagram…

Moa Yombi
Literal Art! African Culture Clothing, Cultural Appropriation Art, Nigerian Textiles, African Culture Art, Fabric Map, Cultural Outfits, Africa Culture, Cultural Appreciation, Africa Outfits

40 Times People Summarized Data In Interesting Charts That Might Clear Some Things Up For You

Struggling to remember or make sense of complicated information? Maybe a visual makeover with an eye-catching chart or graph will help! And if you have doubts about its effectiveness, allow us to introduce you to a subreddit called “Data Art”. It's a community dedicated to sharing “aesthetically satisfying data visualizations that you'd be proud to hang on your wall”.

Bilkisu Mustapha
Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Figurative Kunst, African Quilts, Brick Art, Afrique Art, Quilt Modernen, Afrikaanse Kunst, Mosaic Murals, Mosaic Artwork

I May Have A Scrap Problem - But I'm Making Some Headway!

Hi, all! It's fun to be back in the swing of scrappy sewing again - I really missed it in July! I've got kind of a mixed bag to share today, so let's get started! First of all, I finished the rustic plaid pillow and seat cushion... I'm really happy with the way these turned out. It used up a lot of plaid scraps from my mother-in-law's stash, which was fortunately exactly what the customer wanted. But I'm most excited about the back of the pillow... I used a man's shirt front, cut with the…

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