Afro painting

Transform your space with vibrant Afro paintings that celebrate culture and add a burst of color. Explore top ideas to create a captivating atmosphere in your home.
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ITS MONDAY, EYE CANDY MONDAY!! Now seeing that Essence had their chance to put out their sexiest "top 10 sexiest black men", I figured why not I do my own. You can agree to disagree but heck this my blog DANGIT!! 10. WOOD HARRIS YES, I KNOW.. MOST MAY NOT AGREE BUT I LOVE THIS MANS SMILE! I LIKE THE LAY BACK/STREET TYPE STYLE.. PLUS THE ROLES HE PLAYS GIVE HIM A HARD EDGE TO HIM.. LOVE IT! 9. POOCH HALL PLAYING ON "THE GAME" MADE HIM TO BE SO ADORABLE, WITH HIS BABY FACE MADE EVERY WOMAN…

Santiago Arango