Delve into the intriguing realm of the afterlife and unlock the secrets that lie beyond death. Discover ancient beliefs, near-death experiences, and thought-provoking theories that will leave you pondering the mysteries of life and beyond.
Consciousness Art, Techno House, Add Music, Club Music, After Life, Rainbow Art, Ofc, Retro Aesthetic, 3d Animation

An odyssey through the realm of consciousness. Founded in 2016 by Italian duo Tale Of Us, Afterlife has evolved from an event series and record label to become a multi-dimensional platform for groundbreaking artists and visually sensational installations. Elevating minds through state-of-the-art technologies, with immersive electronic music experiences that inspire audiences worldwide.

Kirsten Xerri
Souls Journey, Life After Death, Spirit Science, Visionary Art, Past Life, Les Arts, Rebirth, Fantasy Art, Religion

Each one of you is being called forward to open into a deeper reunion within your own heart structure enabling you to align to the Truth that can be found as you align within your heart space. This Truth reconnects you to the Collective Oneness that is a manifested aspect of you. In reality we, you, are an aspect of the ‘family of light’. Every human being holds an aspect of the One God Consciousness. Remember it is through your heart that you can transcend the illusion that is on your…

dianne rosado