American black bear

Discover interesting facts about the American black bear, including its habitat, diet, and behavior. Learn more about this iconic North American mammal and its role in the ecosystem.
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Berlin Bears (Polar Bear Knut, Brown Bear, Black Bear, Giant Panda) - there are some more bears in my stream from Berlin Zoological Garden. An upright grunting bear is the animal of coats of arms and seals of the City of Berlin. But why? How or why Berlin's citizens chose the bear remains unknown. Most likely they were thinking of Albrecht I, nicknamed "the bear", who is considered to have been the conqueror and founder of the Margraviate of Brandenburg. Another possibility is that Berliners…

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Black Bear Attacks 8-Year-Old Girl in Whiteshell Park Florida, Animal Kingdom, Bear Tattoo, Cute Animals, Bear, Bear Images, A Black, Bear Pictures, Predator

The Province is reminding campers, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts to be aware and to be ‘Bear Smart’ after a child was attacked by a bear in the Whiteshell Provincial Park. On Saturday, July 21, an eight-year-old girl was injured when a black bear attacked her tent at a back-country campsite on South Cross Lake. The…

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