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Discover the empowering world of American Heritage Girls. Join us as we embark on exciting adventures, build lifelong friendships, and develop strong character. Start your journey today!
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Monkey joined the American Heritage Girls and we went to our first meeting. She loved it and decided she is joining. As part of the joining up badge, she has to memorize the American Heritage Girl Oath and Creed. I

Jenn Gerlach
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We have been studying early American history, including Native Americans. We have really enjoyed learning about these incredible people, their culture, and their respect for the natural world. I hope you will enjoy learning too! Just for fun, we did most of our studying and learning in a teepee tent! It was something different and fun that the children really enjoyed! We also started the unit by drawing a picture of a Native American in our journals. HISTORY: Let's take a look at the lives…