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Time Machine: Go Back to 1972 With Levi's Latest Collection

When the crew at Levi's told me they were reissuing pieces from their 1972 archives, I had to see for myself. So this weekend I time traveled back to when my mom was 16 and celebrated with Levi's the launch of Orange Tab and what the team at Levi's are calling the hey-day of denim and music! The collection will have five pair of jeans and an awesome jean jacket with (gasp) NO STRETCH! Levi's Creative Director Miles Johnson gave me a fitting in few pair so I could share with you guys all the…

Betsy Taylor
The Real Clothing Styles Worn By Teen Girls In The 1980s - Neatorama Frida Kahlo, Real 80s Fashion, 1980s Fashion Trends, Decades Fashion, Vintage Outfits 90s, American Teen, Fashion Teenage Girls, 80s Outfit, Vintage Everyday

The Real Clothing Styles Worn By Teen Girls In The 1980s

The 80s were supposedly all about looking sharp and being cool, but for those of us who grew up in the raddest decade of them all looking trendy often took a backseat to having fun with friends.However, plenty of teens did try to stay on top of clothing trends, imitating shows like Miami Vice or Knight Rider by wearing cool duds that made them feel like their favorite characters.But these teens were far from the norm, despite what shows set in the 80s would have you believe, and young people…

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Preserved Moments of Historical Sass (Vol.2)

The first post seems to have tickled your fancy, so over the past month I've been collecting photos on the internet, as well as submissions from readers who rifled through their attics to help me compile more preserved moments of historical sass! Found in Good Housekeeping, June 1952 Found he

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