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When we look at people from the past, the only remaining form we have is either the grim skeletal remains or barely detailed and imprecise artistic depictions. Ancient Humans, Ancient People, Ancient Aliens, Ancient History, Famous Historical Figures, Historical Pictures, History Images, History Facts, Dundee

When we look for physical representations of famous people from the pre-photography past, the only remaining options we have are either the grim skeletal remains or barely detailed and imprecise artistic depictions. Some artists try to reimagine what a particular queen or medieval peasant might've looked like, but their vision and imagination are limited to their own times. However, technology has advanced to the levels where we can employ science to depict historical figures as if they were…

Neanderthal vs Homosapien: Different Species Or Subspecies? Panthera Leo Spelaea, Prehistoric Man, Prehistoric Animals, Ancient Origins, Ancient History, Genetics Traits, Hominid, Ancient Humans, Wooly Mammoth

Neanderthals have been historically classified as a separate species from Homo Sapiens as there was no evidence suggesting sexual interaction between the two. However, recent studies suggest Neanderthals might be a subspecies to Sapiens and not an entirely different species.

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Justice for Neanderthals! What the debate about our long-dead cousins reveals about us | Neanderthals | The Guardian Prehistoric Man, Prehistoric Creatures, Ancient Humans, Ancient People, Ancient Egypt Pyramids, Anime Characters List, Forensic Anthropology, Early Humans, Human Evolution

The long read: They were long derided as knuckle-draggers, but new discoveries are setting the record straight. As we rethink the nature of the Neanderthals, we could also learn something about our own humanity

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Archaeologists have made a discovery so sensational that they have waited 1 year to announce it as they had to be sure they had the dating correct. A set of teeth belonging to an early hominin species has been found in Germany that dates back 9.7 million years. Could this finding be another nail in the coffin for the out-of-Africa theory of human origins?

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