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Ancient times

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Если факты противоречат теории, выбрасывать надо теорию, а не факты. Продолжение.: lsvsx — LiveJournal

Начало Остраконы, найденные в Египте, - это небольшие кусочки известняка - бесценный источник информации, дающий представление не только о методах обучения художников, но и о менталитете Египтян. Если сравнить рисунок египетского художника, понимая, какое именно изображение скрывается за наброском,…

Interesting animation shows the 'reactionary' evolution of Roman battle tactics :http://www.realmofhistory.com/2016/05/10/animated-evolution-roman-battle-tactics/

History is witness to the triumph of the ancient Roman army, as evidenced from the Roman empire in its apical scope - which held sway over a major chunk of the known world, ranging from Spain to Syria (and Iraq), and from North African coasts and Egypt to most

Although the typical Greek foods and ingredients have changed over time, the way they dine has not. Learn what and when ancient Greeks ate and drank.

Learn more about the history and origins of cooking, food and the culinary arts.

A collage of the 7 wonders of the ancient world as depicted by 16th-century Dutch artist Maarten van Heemskerck.:

The list of original 7 wonders of the world dates back over 2000 years. Here's the 7 wonders of the world ancient, modern, and my own personal 7 wonders.

Ancient Warfare: 8 of the Greatest Warrior Cultures of Ancient Times

10,000 years ago, a group of rival hunter-gatherers fought on the shore of Lake Turkana in Kenya’s Rift Valley. The event was the first known warlike encounter in human history. Since then, humanity has found increasingly innovative ways to solve disputes over territory and resources settle grudges or satisfy a need for power and pure ...

Discover how ancient Greeks cooked their food, what ingredients they had to work with, who did the cooking, and how they sat down to eat.

Discover how ancient Greeks cooked their food, what ingredients they had to work with, who did the cooking, and how they sat down to eat.

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December’s birthstone, turquoise, has long been seen as a talisman for luck and protection. From burial rituals in ancient times to the deep history of turquoise in Native American cultures, there is much to discover about this gemstone. · Turquoise has been linked to friendship and happiness. · When worn near the heart, this stone is believed to bring positive and happy. · Turquoise is believed to change color to warn of illness or infidelity. Happy birthday to all who celebrate in December!
Geri and Freki In ancient times, Norse people believed that wolves assisted the Valkyries in transporting fallen warriors to Valhalla and to the afterlife. They were said to be both friends and enemies of the Norse gods. Geri and Freki were the highest god’s companions, but they were not friends with the other gods in Asgard. In Norse mythology, this couple of wolves populated the earth with their offspring during their travels with Odin.
Work in progress on hand carved bas-relief foliage cast in metal then patinated to achieve a rough variegated surface that brings character and a sense of history to the piece. @dkt_artworks love working with natural materials like this, the colour patterns that can be achieved through oxidisation is a perfect example of how we can find beauty in the fortuitously imperfect ✨ #innovativesurfaces #basrelief #basreliefsculpture #luxurymaterials #surfacedesign #floraldecor #homedetails #patination
Is Sisterhood the most powerful force for Women’s Health?During ancient times women shared a lot of things than today. They share the sensitive information of their babies; they gathered and prepared food together. The women and kids shared their lives stories by being close to each other. It has also brought strength and energy to each other on daily basis. According to the traditions of the Red Tent, women used to meet up together during menstruations and nurtured each other.