Animal photoshoot

Capture the beauty and personality of your furry friends with these animal photoshoot ideas. From adorable poses to creative backdrops, discover how to create stunning portraits that will melt your heart.
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Four years ago, I made a life-changing decision. I flew my border collie, Loki, with me from Australia to Europe, bought a van, and traveled for two years. A year ago, my puppy Journey joined us. I've been working on my photography for the past two years and now create dramatic, intense, captivating images of dogs - especially my two boys.

Mette Christiansen
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Anastasiya Dobrovolskaya, a photographer creating unique portraits combining the world of humans and animals, is back to Bored Panda. We are always excited to feature mesmerizing images by this artist. They characterize by a fantasy-like feel and unbelievable creativity. This is what Dobrovolskaya told us previously about her work: "I am inspired by people and animals. The main goal of my work is to show their uniqueness, to emphasize their external and internal beauty and individuality.”