Armpit detox

Discover effective and natural methods to detoxify your armpits and eliminate toxins. Try these simple techniques to maintain a fresh and clean feeling throughout the day.
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Our armpits can hold a lot of junk in them, especially if you use a conventional deodorant, and sometimes this causes bad odor. This simple armpit detox will clear out your armpits. It's ideal for those switching from regular to natural deodorants or for those using natural deodorants without success.

Joanne Meadows
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Have you ever tried to use a natural deodorant and it just didn't work? You were still stinky! Well, I hate to break it to you, but there is a reason for that. And, thankfully, a solution too. Have you noticed that when you switched to a natural beauty products that sometimes our skin doesn't behave the best? We call this a "skin purge" as the chemicals and other junk that's inside our pores takes it's cue to exit the body. It may appear to be acne, but it's detoxing! Often people give up…

Carly Schlitt