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Fascia Blaster Before and After Pictures | Ashley Black Guru – FasciaBlaster® Face Blaster, Fascia Blasting, Fascia Blaster, 12 Minute Workout, Face Pores, Independent Study, Facial Fillers, Tone Thighs, One Year Later

We are so excited to FINALLY bring you these photographs from our 90-day study in Tampa, Florida! Please click here for a summary of the study and our findings!One topic regularly brought up by both current and potential FasciaBlasters is that of getting quality before and after pictures. At home, it is almost impossible to achieve the exact same lighting and angle. This article will explain the process of the controlled lighting, angles, and photography used to document the visual results…

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If you've been on TikTok recently, you've probably come across at least a few videos of people running jade or rose quartz stone tools across their faces in repetitive strokes. This is the ancient Chinese practice of gua sha, a self-care technique to increase circulation, de-puff, smooth fascia, and relieve tension.