Backyard slide

Transform your backyard into a playground with these fun and exciting slide ideas. Let your kids have a blast and create unforgettable memories right at home.
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A manual quote is required for shipping slides from the manufacturer. Typically such a quote takes no more than 1 business day, but it may take slightly longer depending on how busy they are. Please bear with us while we calculate accurate shipping costs. As soon as we receive the shipping cost, we'll add it to your estimate and e-mail it to you. When you've authorized payment, we'll process the order. Embankment Slides offer constant thrills of movement and speed, and are a must-have on all…

David Hartman
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At the top of the slide, an entrance platform is required. We have designed one that fits around the slide and that accommodates both the sit down bar required by the playground safety standards, and a crib stair. The sit down bar comes with the platform, but the crib stair is an add-on. We can also provide the rock scramble (see elsewhere in the store). A note about the crib stair: Kids will ALWAYS try to go back up the hill the shortest way possible, which is along the sides of the slide…

Theresa Santopolo Nast
Love this slide idea for a hillside instead of a plastic slide.  What material is this, though?  The Learning Landscape: Playground Hills and Embankment Slides Backyard Slide, Sloped Backyard, Backyard For Kids, Diy Backyard, Backyard Landscaping, Playground Slide, Creative Playground, Natural Playground, Backyard Playground

I wanted to post about playground hills today. Almost every person I talk to wants a hill in their learning landscape, with an embankment slide of course. It is kind of a trademark of natural play. Most folks picture a grass hill that is perpetually green and mowed (by someone else ;). But, most of these spaces will get a low level of maintenance and the hill is likely to turn into dirt and mud at the top and on the sides of the slide from all of the excited foot traffic. I want to encourage…

Wendy Harmon