Bakery display

Enhance your bakery's visual appeal with these creative and eye-catching display ideas. Discover how to showcase your delicious treats and entice customers to indulge in your delectable offerings.
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Ah! A pastry shop is the ultimate comfort destination; it not only offers succor to your body and taste buds but also provides a visual delight, delightful smells and a fascinating experience for your eyes. In effect a pastry shop is an experience for the senses that will have us reeling in delight. Though we often see pastry shops as the enemy of our strict diets, we are still drawn to them. Having said all these things, have you ever wondered what is it that pastry shop owners think about…

Denise Acosta
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We support the liberation of bread and all baked goods from all unsightly plastic bags and from humiliatingly poor ingredients. Bread is important, essential and incredibly good and good for you when taken seriously. This does not mean complicated or gimmicky. In fact, the best breads, cookies and pastries are the ancient basics, traditional recipes lovingly passed on and sometimes improved by each generation. These gorgeous traditional breads deserve to be created, sold and enjoyed in…

Alessio del Rosario
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Breadblok, a gluten-free retail patisserie and café, recently opened in the heart of Santa Monica on Montana Avenue. Credit Commune with design that’s itself a combo of the owner's past with hints of Provence and a strong So-Cal flavor. All new.