Basketball team treats

Fuel your basketball team with these mouthwatering treats that will keep them energized and ready to win. Discover the best recipes and snacks to satisfy their cravings and boost their performance on the court.
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None of the previous basketball teams my boys have played on did post-game snacks, but both No. 2 AND No. 3's teams are doing them this season. Yay! This makes the sports mama in me VERY happy. Here's what I came up with. Super simple, yet they look like I put some extra time and thought into them with the orange bags and labels. I purchased the bags from Party City for about $3.50 and made the labels myself (click HERE for the printable template). They say "Way to Play!" with a picture of a…

Vanessa | Sports Mama
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I am so excited for my little guy and his AMAZING basketball team this year. They lost the first two games but everything came together and they won the rest of the season. Finished 1st place in their division!!! Now one playoff game down they have two more to win. Woooohooo!!! My little guy made these for his team (with a little help from me) :) He dipped and I made the basketball lines. Dipped in orange candy melts sports, team treats, basketball, baseball, soccer, softball, chocolate…

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As my family and friends will tell you, I love watching basketball! March has become one of my favorite months because it means MARCH MADNESS and lots and lots of basketball. Even though I don’t catch a lot of the regular season college basketball games, I still love filling out a bracket every year…

Paula Cooper
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I made some basketball treats for Christian's basketball team. We love basketball at our house. Christian loves the Lakers. Unfortunately they lost last night by 31 points. Ouch! However, I wanted to tell you that these treats would also make cute party favors if you are going to host an NBA playoff party. For this project you will need: Large bag of cheese balls 3 x 5 " bags Scrapbook paper Stapler Labels Individually packaged "Wet Wipes" Tape Directions: Fill the cheese balls 2/3 of the…

Jordan Wilson