Bay of bengal

Explore the breathtaking beauty and rich marine life of the Bay of Bengal. Plan your next beach getaway and experience the turquoise waters and stunning landscapes of this enchanting bay.
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Bay of Bengal (Map) by Sayedur R Chowdhury shows bathymetry (color coded shaded relief and detailed contour lines); adjoining Indian ocean and other seas, straits, channels & bays; surrounding countries; islands, physiographic features (ridges, trench, sea mount, canyon), Exclusive Economic Zones of all countries in the region including Bangladesh's settled line with Myanmar (ITLOS 2013); major sea ports and much more. Please note that this map is not in the public domain, and is a…

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The famous beach town of Cox’s Bazar is the tourist capital of Bangladesh. Its long stretch of sandy beach is known as the ‘longest natural sandy sea beach in the world and is spread over 125 km (77.6 miles) beside the Bay of Bengal, with hills and green forests in the background. Click on link to know some of the best hotels with sea view in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

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