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Explore stunning bead work ideas to inspire your creativity. Discover unique designs and techniques to create your own beautiful bead work pieces and accessories.
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Beaded Poppies Quick Reference: Flat Stitch Beading Basics *Pre-step Glue down/Sew down your pattern on the top of the beading foundation. Then place the middle black gem in the center, either gluing it down

Veronica Cruz
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Art. J424 Ground Fabric : Tule Color : Ivory Silver Size (US or Imperial) : 5.5 inches length x 2.4 inches width Size (Metric) : 14 cms length x 6 cms width _ Order Quantity - The following options are available : 1 piece @ Standard Price 2 pieces @ 5% Off 4 pieces @ 10% Off 6 pieces @ 15% Off 8 pieces @ 20% Off Custom Color : Minimum order of 4 pieces. Please send us color references along with your order. _ We can also customise the size and shape of our motif for a minimum order of 4…

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Yes, Books Review. I'm going to review two books at once, because they're both closely related, by the same author & publisher, and they're both So Much Fun that they deserver never to be separated. The books are Bead Embroidery Stitch Samples and Bead Embroidery Stitch Samples: Motifs by Yasuko


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