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Embrace your unique features with beautiful freckles. Explore tips and ideas to accentuate and celebrate your natural beauty.
I Photographed 35 Freckled Women To Show The Beauty Of Freckles | Bored Panda

I have spent the last 5 months of my life dedicating my time to photographing freckled women. Why you may ask? Because natural beauty must be cherished and as a freckled myself, lots of times I felt ashamed of my freckles and I want to change this. I want women to be proud of their freckles, to wear them with confidence and understand their uniqueness and beauty.

Frank Trimble
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Well educated and very discerning bearded man in my mid-50's. Avatar is me. Blessed to be well above average in just about every important measure. Sagittarius. INTJ. Whisky lover. Firearms enthusiast. History buff. Texas transplant - I got here as soon as I could. A connoisseur of fine automobiles. Quiet sophistication. And above all, a gentleman. My first crush was on a freckled-faced redheaded girl and ever since then all I can do is think about redheads. I love redheads so much, I ended…

Johnny Benavidez