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When you welcome a smol awoo into your home and heart, you don’t want to think about the day when it grows up and loses its puppy fat. But the day comes when your pupper grows into a dog. And keeps growing. And growing. And doesn’t stop. You check the Canine Instruction Manual that came with your pet and you finally realize—aha! You forgot it’s one of those giant dog breeds that make you think Clifford, the Big Red Dog might be real.

Michelle Yvon
Dogs That Look Like St. Bernard's Burnese Mountain Dog, Burmese Mountain Dogs, Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy, Bouvier, Bernese Mountain, Malinois, Bernese Mountain Dog, Cute Dogs And Puppies, Mountain Dogs

Visit "" for amazing dog facts, pet dog care tips, pet health, & to discover cute funny puppies and small/big dogs. Do you know about 7 dog breeds that look like St Bernard? Click to read more about these friendly giant guard dogs like greater swiss mountain dog, bernese mountain dog, caucasian shepherds, Tibetan mastiff, etc.

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