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Enhance your backyard with unique and creative birdhouse post ideas. Explore top ideas to attract birds and add a charming touch to your outdoor space.
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PinterestTwitterFacebookDo you ever need a 4X4 post put in the ground to attach a birdhouse to but don’t have the strength to operate post hole diggers? Well that was my dilemma when I wanted to add taller posts to my birdhouses. Normally when I get one of my Brilliant Hairbrained ideas hubby’s not around so...

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My love for DIY birdhouses began with my father (a master gardener) telling me about our local bluebirds' plight. Their numbers were rapidly on the decline. He informed me about their need for a safe habitat for nesting. I decided to share that bluebird information during my hosting garden club meeting. My father told me

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Create a wooden bird feeder stand in just a couple of hours. The supplies needed to complete this project include: supplies for wooden bird feeder post Tools: post hole digger (or a shovel) level (or an iphone) tape measure caulk gun drill Supplies: 4 x 4 10' wooden post Gorilla construction adhesive 4 12" Forged Vine Brackets Fast Set Bag of Concrete Mix 4" Newport High Pyramid Topper Screws 12 x 2 Silver 1/4" x 1.5" Lag Screws Optional: Wooden bird house Step 1: Dig hole 36" Deep Step 2…

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I love to decorate outside in the garden just as much as I do inside. Every year I tweak my garden rooms and add new touches or totally redecorate. This is my potting bench from last year. Sadly this year I have not done much yet this year but I am always looking for inspiration. Here are some ideas I have saved. I hope they inspire you as much as they do me. Places to Sit and Relax ... Source: via Susan Freeman on Pinterest Source: via Susan…

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