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Enhance your first graders' reading skills with these fun and engaging blends worksheets. Help them master consonant blends and improve their phonics abilities with these educational resources.
Trace and Match - Kindergarten English Worksheets

English is fun with our Kindergarten English Worksheets. Learn simple English concepts, practice beginning sounds, spelling, punctuation, word recognition and picture matching. Help them gain confidence and do better scholastically. Print all of our worksheets. We also have more kindergarten worksheets, including phonics and math. Kindergarten English Worksheets

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PRIMARY PHONICS - UNIT 5 It is time to tackle consonant blends ! We have come so far this year with our phonics skills. We started with segmenting and blending first/middle/final sounds in CVC words, then we studied word families and CVC words and now we are diving right into consonant blen

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1st Grade Worksheets - Best Coloring Pages For Kids Pre K, First Grade Maths, Addition Worksheets, Math Addition Worksheets, First Grade Math Worksheets, 2nd Grade Math Worksheets, Free Math Worksheets, Free Printable Math Worksheets, 1st Grade Math Worksheets

First Grade is just the beginning of a wonderful life of learning. Help your kids learn with our free 1st Grade Worksheets. Education is the foundation of a successful life. Promote learning every day with fun! Our worksheets can help with that. Print them all for free. We also have all types of other worksheets […]

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