Blue morpho

Explore the mesmerizing beauty of the Blue Morpho butterfly with stunning images and fascinating facts. Learn about its vibrant blue wings and unique characteristics.
Blue Morpho Butterfly Chart - Photo by Ben Bolet Dragons, Art, Tattoo, Bugs And Insects, Butterfly Species, Blue Morpho, Morpho Butterfly, Butterfly Wings, Dragonflies

There are many different types of "blue morpho butterflies". There is of course the most common large blue morphos like the morpho didius and morpho menelaus that are all blue. Then there is the rest of the, so to clarify I made this reference chart of the morpho family. Click here to order a blue morpho butterfly frame. To learn more about morpho butterflies go to: The list from left to right is Row 1: Morpho didius Morpho menelaus Morpho godarti Morpho…

Lillian Egleston