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Find your perfect body style and enhance your fashion game with these top ideas. Embrace your unique body shape and dress with confidence.
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Fashion is one of many industries constantly changing based on seasons, trends, and even past decades. While we all have our styles, according to one man’s theory, we also have our own body types and, based on these results, clothing that best suits our features. The Kibbe body types are a shape system created in...

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Take home message… optimistic! If you don’t know how to change something you don’t like, never give up and think it’s not achievable. Someone out there will know how to …

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Petite women, like all other body frames, come in different sizes and shapes. Are you wondering what your petite body type is? Image consultants use the term “shape” to describe the overall silhouette of your body, and it is primarily decided by your shoulder width relative to your hip width, and waistline plays a big role here too. In other words, it is how your upper, mid and lower half are in proportion to each other. Like architecture, we are looking at your natural frame. Your size may…

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Fashion is defined by the ability to wear clothing that is well-fitting. It's not all about dressing in the latest trends. Fashion is a little more complex, and it has its own set of rules for differe

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I've recommended InsideOutStyle blog to you a couple of times...and here is a good reason why. When you're looking for information on what styles look best on your body shape, Imogene Lamport, from InsideOutStyle, is the lady to ask. Here's a great and very informative chart on how to recognize what your body shape is and what style of pants would suit you best. If you'd like to read more about how to analyze your shape, please click through to this page. And from there, you know how easy it…

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