Book themed party favors

Impress your guests with unique book themed party favors that will delight any literary lover. Find the perfect gifts to make your book themed party unforgettable.
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I helped throw a book-themed baby shower and it was so much fun! My cousin, who is a librarian, was pregnant with her first, so her baby shower obviously had to be book-themed. Lol. So me and two of my other cousins started planning way back in January, and here is how things turned out... The Party I didn't take a lot of pictures because I was just so busy the day of dealing with unfrosted cupcakes lol, but I did manage to take a couple. This is our main dessert table where we have some…

what a great party favor idea - whether for kids, adults, work or life group gathering - love this! Packaging, Diy, Party Favours, Book Themed Party Favors, Book Exchange Party, Book Birthday Parties, Book Themed Party, Book Party, Book Release Party

There were a few extra special goodies and favors at the book party. What book worm wouldn’t want their own little bag of bookworms to munch on, while indulging in their favorite page-turner? These were displayed in a bowl on the bookshelf, for the children to grab and enjoy either during the party or to […]

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Our family is not big on throwing large birthday parties for our kids. We tend to keep things small and in the family. However, my daughters and I started a new tradition a few years ago to make the day extra special. We decorate our dining room in a surprise theme and reveal the decorations to the birthday girl

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