Brick interior design

Discover how to incorporate brick into your interior design to create a unique and charming space. Get inspired by these top ideas and transform your home today.
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Dive deep into the world of modern exposed brick wall interior design. From design techniques to maintenance tips, explore the nuances of integrating exposed brick walls into contemporary interiors. Discover the secrets to preserving their beauty and learn how to make them the centerpiece of your living spaces. Whether you're a design enthusiast or a homeowner looking to revamp your space, this guide offers insights and inspiration for creating interiors that resonate with warmth and…

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Explore five unique living room designs featuring the rustic charm of brick walls. Discover how this versatile design element can add character, warmth, and style to any living room, from modern to traditional. Get inspired to transform your own space with these creative ideas.

Lindsey Stephens
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The apartment has a total area of only 47m2. Our main task was to create a modern interior, that was functionally filled and met the aesthetic requirement of the customer. Customer's desire was to use different modern materials, as a popular concrete panels, porcelain stoneware and decorative brick and to…

Murilo César Machado