Bridesmaid luncheon

Plan a special bridesmaid luncheon to show your appreciation. Discover unique ideas to create a memorable event for your bridesmaids and make them feel loved and cherished.
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How to Plan a Gorgeous Bridal Luncheon For Your Bridesmaids!

A bridal luncheon is an opportunity for the bride-to-be to spend a few precious hours with her gals - sipping, celebrating and anticipating! It's not simply another bridal shower - in fact it's pretty much the reverse, hosted by the bride

Kathryn Brown
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Bridesmaid's Luncheon Cake

The occasion: A Bridesmaid's Luncheon - CHECK The Theme: Hot Pink and Black to match the invitation - CHECK Style: Please use Wedding Cake Pulls - CHE....wait....WHAT??? I thought I had been in the south long enough to have heard of all traditions surrounding cake (groom's cakes at weddings, smash cakes for first birthdays). But this time I learned something NEW! Have you heard of these? Cake Pulls? (Absolutely nothing like a tractor pull!) Cake Charms? (Like non-edible fortunes in cake!)…

Carole Reeves Cosgrove