Brimfield flea market

Explore the largest outdoor antique show in the world at Brimfield Flea Market. Find vintage furniture, collectibles, and more to add character to your home decor. Plan your visit today!
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The Brimfield Antique Show has the best antiques I've ever seen in the US, and that isn't even a slight exaggeration! I'm excited to share what I learned so that YOUR visit can be spectacular, too! This past month I had the privilege of going to New England with ladies from my Behind the Scenes

Jackie Wallace

Flea markets are filled with curiosities, and I’m not just talking about the stuff for sale. Over the years I’ve witnessed a lot of strange behaviors as people navigate booths looking for bargains. There’s something about flea market culture (cash-based transactions? secondhand goods? informal setting?

Jennie Shatynski